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We give our customers the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey every month. This gives us the opportunity to iron out any niggles that our customers may have and we can monitor service level. Customers consistently give our staff and service 4* and 5* ratings. Here are some of the comments our customers have made....

At The Cleaning Lady, we send out satisfactions surveys every month so our customers can give us feedback relating to the standard of each clean carried out in their home.

'T​he standard never drops, the girls are always friendly and deal really well with the animals at the house'

'Prompt and professional. My home has never been so clean or tidy. It's lovely'

'Reliably clean!'

'Lovely to come home to a dust free home. Very satisfied with the quality of cleaning. Thank you Michelle and team'

'Thank you, you did an amazing job today. To say I am delighted is an understatement!'

'Thank you so much for coming, it's an excellent job - especially the bathroom!

Will definitely be recommending you to others!'

'Wow! What can I say but thank you for a wonderful cleaning job. I would definitely like to have this done again'

'Every week the cleaning is consistent and excellent'

'The service is exactly as advertised/discussed. I'm a very happy camper'

'Punctual, attentive, thorough and friendly as always'

'Very happy, thank you'

'I am very happy with the cleaning service that the ladies provide'

'I am always pleased with the results and how reliable and friendly the cleaners are'

'It's all brilliant. Going into all the lovely clean rooms makes me smile. I am very grateful for the fantastic job you and your team have done'